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What Is Fascia?

Fascia is the tough connective tissue with a tensile strength up to 2,000 psi which functions as a supportive “shock absorber” separating and protecting the body. It surrounds all muscle, tendon, ligament and joint structures. As it protects the injured area, fascia changes from its natural suppleness and becomes rigid and inflexible. If left untreated it glues and hardens, creating a three-dimensional web, eventually spreading to other parts of the body; restricting movement and range of motion, with associated pain. The result of this constriction: trauma to one’s posture through abnormal pressure on vertebrae, glands, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, bones and organs.

Myofascial Release treatment, restores the fascia to a healthier condition. Many tests such as X-rays, CAT scans, and the like, cannot show fascial restrictions, and therefore the client does not get a complete diagnosis of the cause of the pain. The client often fails to receive appropriate and effective treatment.

In addition to physical trauma, negative emotional stress can be stored within one’s body for years with resultant disease. Time does not heal all of these “issues in the tissues”, it just buries them in the fascia. Therefore, the whole-body-mind-spirit concept is treated with myofascial unwinding. This advanced treatment relieves the “non-conscious” internal and bracing pain patterns which could greatly influence personal feelings, thoughts and attitudes throughout a lifetime.

* As an adjunctive therapy Myofascial Release treatment is not intended to include diagnosis or replace the care of a medical doctor, psychologist, chiropractor, etc.

Healing happens where you are most comfortable.